I used to be one of the most birthday crazy people I know. I like to think I have grown out of it, but I keep proving myself wrong with my subtle subconscious acts.

 For instance, I picked a milk carton that had an expiry of my birth date about 2 weeks before my birthday! Every time I see it, it makes me feel happy and warm. It's strange how one feels like their birthday is their day, but if you lived with that feeling throughout the year, one's life could end up being so much more positive. I suppose, it's a good check point to have nevertheless. 

So, as I am about to complete 28 years, what have I learned? What could I do differently? What could I change or improve about myself? What direction should I take my life in? What should I stop doing?

I have learned to be more patient. I have learned that I should be happy and positive for myself, it enables me to gracefully take on life's chanllenges. I have found that loved ones and experiences are the only worthy things, everything else comes and goes and probably doesn't truly matter. I have learned that my mental and physical strengths are my most valuable companions.

I will work towards being more independent. I will make myself stronger and healthier. I will strive to be a pillar in my parent's life. I will do a better job of being emotionally more stable. I should work out more regularly, I am not getting any younger. I will try to be a better person. I will care about things that really matter and not let the ones that don't bother me. I will be more sincere towards the betterment of mine and my husband's life. 

I will do a better job of devoting my time, money and capabilities towards helping those who are less fortunate than me.

I will not accept anyone's brutality towards my will, my feelings or my integrity.

Happy Birthday Mrinalini! 
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