Training is coming to an end. College starts next week. I have decided to leave the hostel, so the next year is going to be about a lot of travelling, applying for jobs and staying at home of course! Maybe applying to universities as well. The house is almost complete too (it was being renovated). Chosing what colour to do the walls being the frequent topic of discussion at home!

I have to focus on preparing for the campus placements.

Next few weeks are going to be highlighted with a lot of change!
Feeling at peace.
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I dont care what you think.

I dont care how you feel.

I dont care do I?

Hurt, very hurt. Having to hear all that from someone you hope would care hurts.
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1. I read magazines, last page first.

2. I dispose trash only in dustbins.Not coming across one, I can carry it along endlessly.

3. I think a lot. A LOT.

4. On being offered chocolates, I decline stating, "I do not like chocolates". Truth being, I just defer indulging in them.

5. I never waste. (food, water, paper, anything)

6. I tell myself "I am weird" atleast seven times a day on an average!

7. I smile at strangers, even greet them if a chord strikes.

8. I used to be a talkative, exhuberant and excited doer. I have become a quiet, subdued and calm observer.

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Sam for this entry.

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Green lush lawn with one of its edges walking into a natural lake. This beauty encompassed by a walking track made by simply covering it with red sand. Little flower beds at abstract locations and absurd shapes giving it a very natural and yet a very well kept look. Earthen seats (never seen those before!) made for people to rest on and a small hut in the center for the caretaker who is by the way very particular about keeping the place just the way he pleases. Which by the look of it is pretty much perfect.

I go there only after dark, it just adds to the magic! At that hour, I have it completely to myself. I take my dog along with me since the comfort of sharing silence comes naturally with him. Walk along the track with my thoughts flowing unrestrictedly across my mind. It feels great to be able to hear my own thoughts, to think aloud. With tuff running around me excitedly. Occassionally I stop to play with him and then get on with my walking. He just fools around near by taking care not to lose site of me at any point. I let him run around freely.

Suddenly I hear him run towards me as he decided to walk next to me for a while. We take a few rounds together and then he pushes off on his quest for exploring all nooks and crannies. I plug in my ipod and listen to all my favorite tracks. Keeping it low so I can hear the noises around me as well.

Got back home all drenched in sweat, looking very happy and satisfied.

How do you like spending time alone?
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1. Wake up in the morning with my dog sitting next to me, staring at me, waiting for me to wake up!

2. Too sleepy to get up, I turn on the television to find out that all offices will be closed for the day!

3. Step into my old forgotten pair of jeans to find money crumpled in the pocket!

4. After a bad day at work, on my way home I turn on the radio and my favorite number just started!

5. Waking up to a beautiful morning, drizzling outside and my sweetheart lying next to me!

6. I over slept! Oh! No, its sunday! I can sleep another few hours!

7. My best friend turns up out of the blue!

8. Reach home after a long day to find my parents singing, giggling having a good time!

9. Just when I am irritated/sad/tensed and on the verge of cracking up, I get a call from my sweetheart.

10. A nice cup of coffee!

11. Last day to submit that blessed assignment and the professor hasn't turned up!

12. The preparation leave for exams just got mysteriously extended!

13. Tuning through radio stations and an old friend requested a song for me!

14. That SOB polititian had to resign!

15. Rain

16. Falling alseep in Anant's arms, while he runs his fingers through my hair, my cheek!

17. Being looked after selflessly by someone I cherish, when I'm ill.

18. Going out on vacations with Anant.

19. Long drives.(at night!)

20. Train journeys!

So, what are your Instant Cheer-Ups?


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Tubthumping :Chumbawamba!!

Your Body Is Wonderland : John Mayor (at 19!)

Iris: Goo Goo Dolls (City Of Angles, lovely movie!)

Remember When : Alan Jackson (The Notebook, my favorite movie!)

Always: Jon Bon Jovi (We ball danced on this one, sharing the ear peices of my ipod! :) )

So Far Away: Dire Straits (nostalgia remains!)

Tell me about your favorites that bring a smile to your face inevitably, each time you hear them.

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Haven't gone to office since the past three days. Hoping against hope I gather the strength to get up early and go tommorow! :) Meanwhile, I did something very productive today, learnt to make paper mache from 'Art Attack' and made a night lamp for my room! Spent an hour taking pictures of it in the dark, with the light on, in daylight, from all possible angles!! I am quite proud of it!

Now is the time to decide whether to join back the hostel for the coming semester or not. I had previously decided to discontinue my stay in the hostel. But I fear losing the freedom to spend time with myself that I have become used to and can not do without. I like being on my own and do little things like sit at the computer, read a book, think, listen to music, watch a movie or do other stuff. Nothing very significant, pretty mundane but all the same I have missed being able to do all that over the summer. (I am working from home)

The other day, I was glued to a book and did nothing else the whole day. All my mother's attempts at trying to talk to me or get me to do something were returned by hostile stares or irritated grunts and sighs! I hate someone intruding while I am reading or doing stuff which I enjoy doing alone. I also noticed that I like having my dog around me during such times. Guess its something about human presence or maybe still about the comfort of sharing silence. This is completely in contrast to what I used to be like. Ironically, this is the way I like it!

Do you like doing crafty stuff? How do you like spending your time?

PS: Updated the post since thoughts relating the same kept streaming through my mind all night long.
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