Magestic, isn't he? oozes out power, royalty!
I was around eight, we'd gone for a picnic. I rode a horse, for the first time in my life *as far as my memory goes* and asked the owner of the horse how much he'd sell it for. He told me a certain amount and I started insisting on having it for a pet! On being refused to, I made an ugly grumpy face and refused to speak to my family for the rest of the trip.*yeah,I was dum*. From then on, I have big plansof living in a farm,with lots of animals. Horses, rabbits, ducks, swans, dogs, birds, cows.. The list could go on for ever! Wow! I'd be in heaven ...live amongst them like the family in "Summer at Country Side" by Enid Blyton. Can we sweetheart?
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Memories I Shall Always Cherish :)

1989: Our family house was being made and every one had a say in it. All of us have a special corner in the house. The nursery for the kids, a well in the backyard, coconut,papaya,mango trees in the porch, a peaceful pooja in the basement for ammaji *grandmother* and an office for acha *grand father*.
A living area which would cradle memories for the next many generations to come! I still remember the little hill that needed to be broken down for the house to be built on.

1991-2000: From the upper kinderguarden till the 9th I was a nerd. Stood first in every grade. I loved it, and after that, I'll just say, I did not!

1993: I started learnin kathak from Mrs. Shobhana Narayan. I was the youngest dancer performing professionally in her troop.
1997: I got my first pet! My own dog! We named him 'Tuff'.
1998: I took part in my first debate and stood first. This was the beginning of my public speaking endeavor.

1999: I got 'Tuff', a handsome golden retriever who is now almost eight years old! (I lost my first pet when he was 9 months old)
2000: We shifted to New Delhi. I love this city! For, I have my whole family here, I met my best friends and Anant here.
2003: (November,18) Anant asked me out, its been four years of us sharing each moment of our lives.
2004: (June,1) A special day.
2005: (October,4) The best birthday ever!
(November,2) A special day.
2007: I told my parents about Anant, they took it wonderfully.
We met Aparna, my to be sister-in-law.
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I am 21 years old. Here's about the people in my life.

Papa: He is undoubtedly the ideal man for me. He has been more a friend than a parent for us. I do not think there is anybody with whom I can share my mind as easily. He is my weakness, he is my world.

Mumma: She is the sweetest, simplest being on this earth. She is still a kid from within. As I grow up, I realise I am becoming a clearer reflection of her! I do not think I have fought more with anybody else on this earth.

Nakul: (my brother) He is four years elder to me. Until a few years back, our relationship was strictly that of an elder brother with his younger sister. Lately, I can see the age line fading and us becoming better friends.

Tuff: (my dog) My best adopted brat! :)

Anant: My boyfriend, my best friend, my anchor, my mind, my mentor. We have been together since the past four years. *touchwood*

Uttara: My younger sister whom I love a lot and I am very possessive about .

Chhavi, Nitika, Nishith, Shitij and Monu bhaiya: Cousins from my mother's side of the family who have been my best friends for ever since I remember.

Namrata: My best friend from school. She is my life support system.

Aparna: My foster sister! I am her life support system! *hehe*

Gunjan, Sandeep and Shrey: My best friends from college.

Sunaina, Megha and Tanvi didi: My seniors whom I am very attached with. We have had a lot of fun together! Life in hostel wouldn't have been the same without them.
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Anant and I are really amazing friends. We'd easily qualify for bossom pals. Had we known each other that long it'd have been no different! Just more memories to reminise.

I can share my mind with him. Anything, just anything! He'd come a 100 miles just to give me company cause I can't concentrate and study alone. And when he comes, I wont study anyways! But w-t-f? I'd wake him up at 3 in the morn, cause I cant sleep n am getting bored! No, he's not my pet, he wont sit upright to talk to me. But yeah,he'd manage anyways. We study over the phone, fight, gossip! Nop not him, I'm the one who goes on blabbering. We bitch about ppl, for the heck of it? We fight, big time! We'd yell at each other,abuse,hit..! I specialise in nail digging fights! pheww, its amazing! Then we'd hug and get things straight and I'd wipe my nose on his shirt! *yukh!* lol! Dont look at me like that, he never ever carries a hanky! His fault (pt. to note dude!). We always look back at those times, and dont really regret them happening, After all, for how long can u be goodie two shoes kinda friends? Nothing can beat the kinda fun we have!
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Valentine's day. I do not know what it is but I am happy, really happy. There is a smile stuck onto my face, that wont go. I am alone on this day, but I'm all dressed up, in red and white! Just looking good for the one I love! Who stays hundreds of miles away from me. But I'd have done it, had I been there with him. Every day could be valentine's day when you're together. Its just about realising the importance of each other. Cherishing each moment.

Life is beautiful! Just doesn't reveal it that easily, its for you to realise. Not by trying to find, but like,looking at this stranger's face, staring at it for some time, and then realising how pretty it is! why dint you realise it in the first go?Its not the face that changed, but you looked at it differently. At first glance you were looking for beauty that'd ooz out, wont that have grown in on you? This looks pleasant, and you'd remember it forever!
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