I finally got time to read all the pending posts on my google reader account. I haven't had time to post comments though! :(
I'm doing great! Went to Beverly Hills! n the beach, its beautiful! We plan to go to San Diego during the long weekend in September beginning :)
Work starts beginning of next week. Did I mention I get free food n Booze with it!? :D
Thats it for now.. I'll be more regular with posting n commenting both..(I hope!)
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This post is pretty boring, cause I don't have the time to tell you guys all that I've been dying to.. For now I'll just keep it to the crust!
I'm doing great!
I like the place, especially my university.Its beautiful! :)
Haven't freaked out yet!
We're three inseparable great friends. God bless them!
Every thing's so BIG here! The squirrel is half the size of a cat! :O Coffee.. Onions! Everything!
Cute. Small. Pretty. Neat house. I love it! Its mine! :)
Food, I'm doing great with cooking for self n roomie.
Busy busy busy already!
Got two jobs, the third one is in the making. Will select soon.
Miss tuff more than I'd anticipated! :(
Complete sweetheart my new room mate. The other one I dont know yet. Seems good though. Different.

Thats all for now, will post back with pics!
As expected she dint even care to check how I was doing being this near to me. I'm never gonna forget this.
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