I am definitely not a morning person. I do not mind getting up early.. but usually prefer lazing around for a while before I'm up and about.

I got up at 6:30 *which is pretty early for my standards*. Got out of bed within 5 minutes. It was raining outside. It was beautiful! Put on my keats and out for a jog. * me and sunnu *

I love jogging in the rain.

With the wind blowing gently against my face. Rain drops falling on my face. It was magical! Fooled around with a few excercises I know and then did yoga. Got a head massage from sunnu :). I feel so good! Its a beautiful morning outside and so far its been nothing but perfect!

Getting up should not be so tough afterall!
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I feel differently about different people in different situations. I might be thinking something, but react ironically. I have countless troubling thoughts in my mind that govern my behavior which would have been different otherwise. I am a nice person, but become wretched at times because I have a good memory which is bad! I can not get over things easily.

I used to be very exuberant about my thoughts, my feelings. I was never shy, never afraid.

I beleived my feelings should reach the person they were meant for, absolutely unadultrated.* good as well as bad *
But, lately I've changed. I'm shy, lest one should find my feelings/thoughts unreasonable. I'm afraid, for what if I say too much and in return all I get is to be taken for granted?

I have gone into a lonely shell. I write, I write a lot. Rarely or never disclosing my thoughts at all. I do not/can not talk to people. Anybody. Tears are the only thing that make me vulnerable. I involuntarily let them abase me and speak my mind, invariably regretting doing so later on.

I have changed. I do not think I can ever be the me I'd loved so much.
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