It was around an hour past midnight. She was five years old, peacefully sleeping. Probably dreaming about a compliment her teacher had given her in class! Her father was watching the ball game, just a few more overs to go.

Suddenly he saw a figure moving around in the kids room, near the window. He picked up the sword hidden under the mattress (He was posted in the east where every officer was given a sword, just incase you came across a wild animal) and moved stealthily towards the room, through the other entrance so he'd catch the intruder off gaurd. He moves a bit closer, and realises the figure was much smaller than he'd anticipated.

It was dark, he could barely see. Another step closer, and the sight in front confounded him. It wasn't any intruder trying to harm his children, it was a monkey! * A monkey inside the house!? * A few more steps, and the site that awaited him, was one that he'd never forget in his life!

She was clambering up the window, supported by the rods. He was in a fix. He'd read, not to wake up a person walking in his sleep. But, the site in front really baffled him. He never knew! After a while, she started climbing down. He just stood there watching silently. She picked up a chair, kept it on one half of the bed and lied down on the other half and slept off! * ???? *

He waited to see if she got up again. Then kept the chair back, and returned. The match was over.
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  1. Two things that are most striking about me:
  • 1. I think a lot.
  • 2. I have an exceptionally good memory.
The more I indulge in the former powered by the latter, I fear I would drown into the hollowness surrounding me. I fear getting lost in this labyrinth of thoughts of mine.

Am I going to fast ? or is life running past me? Either ways, I cant seem to get a hold.

Feeling: dazed

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My family is going through a phase. The more I muse about the same, I realise how living for over twenty years with my parents was not enough for me to know them completely.

I always thought they were not good at adapting to changes. I realise I was wrong, they are on the contrary, very resilient.

I always thought they would be apprehensive about me taking big decisions, especially ones with which they did not concede. On the other hand, they tried to understand the reasons behind me taking the decision and now they are actually quite encouraging about the same!

I ditested them on all the occassions when I was stopped from doing something. I used to feel that they simply exploited their right of being elder to me. Again, I realise how wrong I was and how my own good was hidden behind their decisions. How in my craze to do what I felt like, I would go blind and not understand my benefit behind their decision.

I realise I was foolish. I realise, I have been unfair on more than just one occassions to them. I have to make up to them. But, even saying this makes me loathe myself. How can I imagine repaying back anything to them?

I am sure there are many new pages to this book that I am yet to explore (I realise). I used to carp about not being understood, I found out I was the one who had to see more clearly.
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