Teach me god to control situations while they are under my control. Not to keep them pending till I have created a haywire for myself to get out of.

This is in regard with my studies/exams, my relationships (no lolly not neccessarily my boy friend) and my phone bill.

Yes,the third case is what has invoked me into writing this post.

Last month, I let my bill go out of hand and pledged to control. Yet, the need to use it empowers all my will, bloody shamelessly once again I stand just where i was at beginning of last month
* exhasperated! rolling of eyes! they're tending to burst out! *

I have again put myself into a situation where I can say "SCREWED" ,another month of bloody misery! Ikeep postponing my studies till the very end. No,the very very end. Manage to fare well but would do many folds better if only I wouldn't be a complete sloth.

Okay,now I pledge to study regularly,use my resources more wisely and not let my relationships take a backseat till my mind declares an emergency!
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4 Responses
  1. Atit Says:

    bloody jolly good reason .... not to call in sometime!!!

  2. anjul Says:

    gud ira, u control the main nerves!!

  3. shrey Says:

    "" okay,now i pledge to study regularly""

    have i seen u study??... sorry i dont remember..

  4. ira Says:

    Atit> 1. I do call as often as possible
    2. How does that jerk get away with not calling at all????

    Anjul> See I already do a darn good job controlling your friend!!! :)

    Shrey> Apparently I manage to do it without showing off and letting people know! lol! yeah I am gonna study. I promise.