Life sucks completely. I hate everything that is happenin in it at the moment and I have no one but myself to blame for it. I am irristated, frustrated, stressed, depressed, irritable, uncomfortable, not well (this fucking cold just does not seem to leave me) There are times when I feel like simply leaving everything and running away. But, I know it would just keep following. The past whole year has probably been the worst year of my life. The effect just doesn't seem to end. Waiting for either god to get over with screwing my life or him giving me immenese amounts of patience to bere with it. There are people who make me uncomfortable, even the thought of them burns me up from inside. I hate something that remote being able to control my feelings. ( very good,to morbid) Dont believe me? Had I sat down to write this just 15mins back, it'd have been a very different post.


Waiting for the spring of my life to reappear. For these days to end soon, for me to be stronger, more mature and sensible. I am trying to hold on, its slipping and the strings are going to snap any moment.
God makes you go through bad times, so you'd realise the value of good times. I beleive in this, it keeps me going. But how much longer?
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  1. keerthi Says:

    i feel the same at present, except that there are no people at all, only things.. yes, we have to go through shit to come out clean