I love coffee! Everything from the essence, black strong coffe, coffee milk, cold coffee, coffee muffins everything! Love it from the core of my heart!! I should not be so proud of saying it, but I am addicted to it!! There are times when my brain stops working, all I can smell is beans of coffee! That intoxicating smell *mmm....:)*
It makes me feel alive, somehow soothes my nerves! Then again, I am very particular about how it is made. Wont just have anything.
Cold coffee, the even mix of froth and milk!!! The lip smackin essence of expresso, that could wake me even from my sleep! (ask my brother) Black coffee during exam nights!

I can proudly say that I make the best coffee in the world! At times, we make 10-20 cups of coffee in the hostel, with one rickety kettle! We love these midnight coffee parties on exam nights! Nothing better than simple indian nescafe classic for me.

me: tempted!!
humming:taste that gets you started up....!!

ps: its my lunch break right now. Got home from the weekend, three days of having coffee morning and evening, I am yerning for it right now and the canteen coffee doesn't appeal as much! :( *groan*
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5 Responses
  1. Shrey Says:

    Hey girlie... And yeah this entry wasss weird.. really weird... Anyways... its ur place.. ur blog.. But still, i dont think that u r supposed to leave comments for ur own blog entry... its for vella ppl like me to do that... Yeah yeah.. its ur place.. ur blog....... And ohhh pleasee.. i think the college canteen is good.. Yeah they dont have coffee byte there (and thats probably the reason y "a" is not in our college).. But still, better not say anything abt our canteen coz i like it!... But again... ur place..ur blog.......

  2. Atit Says:

    man why should it sound weird ?

  3. anant Says:

    hey babe!... just so u know...i hate coffe....hate i say ...hate... muahahah muahahaha...

    ps---i love u

  4. anand Says:

    Wow! man...I dint kno u rite a blog.... n u do fairly well...must say!!! :) And I vouch for coffee.... being a coffee buff myself! And i vouch frur cffee mkin skils too... :D

  5. ira Says:

    Anant> Yup, I know how much you hate it baby! But so what, we'll go out on a date I have my drink, you get yours. It'd be just as much fun!
    ps:I know :)

    Shrey> Yeah its my blog, but I still think its better than writing for people to feel the breeze of your underarm hair! *yukh* :p lol!

    Atit> Appreciate you think so!

    Anand> Thanks :)
    All the coffee buffs say Aye!!!
    When did you taste my coffee?