I love you...cant imagine life without you I dont want to actually...coz I cant imagine
myself being happier newhere else..in any other way..
I think of u...day and night...
every moment...every breath that I take is some how linked with you..
I wake up in the middle of the night..think of you..and sleep off with a smile on my face...
and I kno...that I love you!
I close my eyes..and the most calming sight is of you...next to me..your smile..
your presence..makes me feel so right...
nothing can be wrong when I am with you..
like the puzzle completes..
every piece fitting right in place..
I want to grow old with you.. be the mother of our children...
fight with you.. look after you..
let u kno that in the worst situations in life..I'l be there..right there..standing next to you..
even when u dont have teeth to chew..
you'l be the sexiest guy on earth for me..
I'l feel warm in the middle of a cold cold winter night...with no covering..
just coz I am with you..
coz I love u... and I'l kno...that u do too..
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4 Responses

  1. DU Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! :) i wish that smiley cld stretch its lips a lill more..really happy for the two of you...wish Anant on my behalf..aur suna, GRE hui? ghar pe sab theek..uncle aunty bhai? aur tera poochne se matlab nahi coz u'll b on cloud 9..atleast aaj ke din! ;) luckily i hit up yr page today..havnt been on for a very long time..

    anyway, heres hoping the best for you guys n i'm sure u'll grow old together, your hearts gettin fonder with each passing day and your love growing stronger and warmer..hav fun!!

  2. JB Says:

    ur my mind sister...

  3. ira Says:

    Hey thanx Monk! :)

    DU> Could there have been a more heart felt message? Thanku sooo much!! :)
    Everyone at home doing fine. Nakul's fine too. Will say hi! for you.

    JB> and you are mine.. love you sis...! :)