An afternoon could be so pretty I'd never thought. Exams (practicals) got over and well, watch a movie, go out with him??
What more could I do. I decided to spend time with me. Reading a book in the nice warmth of the growing afternoon. It felt
good. I knew I'd remember it for the rest of my life. Everything was so peaceful, so pleasant.
Started humming a tune, random, beating the back of the book with my nails and a little cantata was on its way!!!
Kept shifting along with the growing shadows. The wind blowing softly, ruffling my hair. I looked pathetic. But I was so happy ! This is crazy!! :) Saw my shadow and stuffled a grin. Lest the senior sitting next to me would think I'm crazy cause thats what they do right?(when u're * keep finger on left/right end of forehead and rotate clockwise/counter clockwise as you wish *)
Not care about the world, be happy for ME. I'd love to be that when I wish to.

PS: I realised that not until you've experienced something do you realise that it'd leave an impression for the rest of your life.This was a rare moment when I knew that it'd stay with me forever. While I was at it.
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2 Responses
  1. Shrey Says:

    I am sure summin' happy must have happened that made u act in the way u were... maybe he said summin' nice... or a sweet message from a friend... or maybe sumone told u that u r beautiful.. or maybe summin' else....

    Otherwise... i'd just say.... u r CRAZY!!

  2. ira Says:

    lol! naa..I dont think someone made me happy. Just that sometimes its peaceful enough to know that you dont have any reasons to be sad!!!!