Just got over with my exams which seemed to have been going on for ever! Well now I am free! Have a list of movies to catch up with! Got three days, after which my interns start. * groan *

I have to reload my ipod since I am extremely bored of the present collection. Have to keep myself pepped up while am in office! :) I had been going for my exams with a friend, loved his pool of music. Had asked him to load my ipod, but he keeps forgetting. Now its time to go home!

All my friends from hostel left today. I have another year to go before college finishes. Life is going to be so much different without them. Everything from getting up in the morning, to eating, going out to sleeping, we did together! I am gonna try and make the best of things. Afterall we will stay in touch. I am going to miss them crazy though! :) I love them so much! Anywhere felt like home with them!

Just got back from farewell lunch! Got drunk like crazy last to last night! Clasped onto my stomach and rolled on the floor laughing, looking at the videos! (literally) Thank god! one of us decided to remain sober, just in case!! :D

Had an insane bout of crying, laughing crying ........ for over an hour last night! Again, could not stop laughing, looking at the videos! Is this what being hysterical is?! I guess its easier not to think about whats going to happen. It is bound to happen anyways, right?

Anant is coming tomorrow, have loads to plan.
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7 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    Only 3 days off! Sounds like you've earned more than that. Enjoy them!

  2. Sam Says:

    Been doing great! Thanks...I see change is in order for you. Sometimes it's good. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. ira Says:

    *Sandi* Wasted most of them!! just getting up late.. watching loads of tv and gossiping with maa!! hey I dint waste em really!! :)

    *Sam* I am afraid of theives!! When I was a kid, I was peeping outa the window, and two eyes stared back at me! Nothing scares me more!!

    Hoping the change does good! Or I take it well!

  4. Ken Says:

    Hey Ira. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  5. Sam Says:

    Hey Ira,

    IM me and I'll answer your question.

    Have a great day!

  6. ira Says:

    *Sam* How do I do that?

  7. Sam Says:

    Just comment on my blog with your e-mail address and I'll contact ya.