Fear, fear itself. My remarkably realistic mother always taught me this. Yet, I developed incomprehensible fears along the years.

I fear climbing stairs and even more so, climbing down them. Even slopes. I get an uncertain feeling all through the process, with the bottom of my feet feeling ticklish, like you do while swinging high on a swing. In that case your feet are off the ground, this is different and weird. I am always afraid of slipping off. My knees feel weak and uncertain.

I decided to know more about my phobia and found out that it is a common problem disconcerting scores of people across the world. Fear of stairs is created by the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism, relating to some trauma from the past. I do not recollect any such formidable incident relating stairs and my past.

There are actually two kinds of stair-related 'phobias: bathmophobia (fear of stairs or steep slopes) and climacophobia (fear of stairs, climbing, or of falling downstairs). I can not decide which category I fall in. Probably both since I fear stairs and slopes and also I fear climbing down or falling off them.

Each time I climb down an intimidating flight of stairs, I fear the worst. This makes me very uncomfortable, daunting me from carrying out simple daily chores normally. I have tried keeping my mind off these thoughts and to overcome my fear. Someday, I hope to intrepidly walk down stairs and run down a slope!
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  1. Sam Says:

    and then you'll be skiing down the slopes. uh, maybe the bunny slopes at first! :)

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope things are going well with you.

  2. Sandi Says:

    Wow - that can be dificult to deal with. Probably doesn't matter which type of phobia it is - it's real and it's scary. Since it's hard to avoid stairs, hopefully someone can give you some tools to deal with this so you don't have to live life in fear! Wishing you the best!

  3. ira Says:

    sam> Lol! :) I can read your blogs only from home, my office network does not allow me to veiw your blogs. (why just yours?)
    You take care too! :)

    Sandi> Its not so tough, but yeah, its not welcome! How about you? You have any such problems? Hope not! *touchwood*
    Take care :)

  4. Sam Says:

    IRA what are you doing trying to read my blog from work, huh? :)

  5. ira Says:

    lol! :) Now you beleive me when I say, "They dont trust us rookies with much of the weighty work "!!

    What you upto?

  6. Sam Says:

    I'm reading your blog from work. LOL


  7. ira Says:

    sam> hehehe.. :)What do you do? (work)

    Next time you leave a comment, tell me the time (your current). So I can compare it with the time that the system shows me.

  8. Sam Says:

    I'm a computer guy. Do a little of this and that. Right now it's Friday, June 29th 1:12 a.m PDT GMT -7:00

    BTW, I like color in the eye for your photo. Looks cool. ;)

  9. ira Says:

    Uhh..you are 12hrs 34mins behind!

    Thanks for the compliment, but that is not my eye. Liked the pic too, found it on the net.

    Take Care, sleep, goodnight! :)

  10. Sam Says:

    It's MIDNIGHT! :) FULL Moon!

  11. ira Says:

    yeah! here too! The moon looked awesome last night! Dramatic! Mature! kinda yellow, with the clouds swimming around lazily! :)

  12. ira Says:

    Pretty much perfect! :)

  13. Sam Says:

    I took a photo of it and posted it on my blog :)

  14. ira Says:

    Yeah, I saw! Lovely! :)

  15. AG Says:

    Fear of stairs is nothin nowadays! People have started feeling fearful of so many mundane things nowadays! Fearful of each other for example! ;)

  16. ira Says:

    Very few things I fear, people are certainly not one of my fears.

  17. Dagny Says:

    i never knew there existing phobias ofr stairs and slopes.
    COunt me in, i;m a terrified girl when it comes to stairs and slopes

  18. ira Says:

    same pinch! ? !