• I'm done trying to become friends with pseudo-family members who don't care about me and send back forced emails or no replies at all! Who ignore my calls or create trouble with their mean tactics. Cause, guess what? I don't give a fuck either! :) (this felt so good!)
  • I'm done spoiling my mood over stupid boy friend affairs. Over potential lies and scandals. Over bitches from some bloody half-town-half- city who cant even talk decently. Fuck you all!
  • I'm done worrying about being the only girl in class and not being able to hang out with the guys cause someone thinks I shouldn't.
  • I'm done taking instructions from my parents about things I feel differently about.
  • I'm done trying to be the sweet sister-in-law and taking bull crap from my brother about how I should talk to her.
  • I'm done taking shit from friends who have me when they need me and don't give a rat's-ass the rest of the times.
  • I'm done crying my eyes out each time I'm upset regarding someone who happens to be partying not giving a shit about what happened!
  • I'm done not smoking cause someone thinks I shouldn't.
  • I'm done worrying about people around me all the time. Once I'm off, I do not intend to look back onto any of them. I want to live for ME.
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8 Responses
  1. sundeep Says:

    Hey cool down , I think you are angry about something that happened recently.
    Well it's your life and you can do whatever you want with it.I feel good friends will always accept you no matter what wrong you have done.
    If you feel really agitated engage ourself in painting and other hobbies,just don't care about this f****** world.
    Do you watch MTV ROADIES?
    Its a must watch .

    And Remember it's your life,so you can do whatever you want with it.

  2. Sandi Says:

    Good for you! We can't change other people, but we can totally change how we react to them and that's a very freeing feeling. Congrats on some good, solid decisions.

  3. ira Says:

    I am a litle upset about things. But, that is not why I wrote all of it. Its cause I was slightly high and made up my mind not to give a fuck about ppl around me and ruin my life after them.

    Sandi, can I ask you about he-who-must-not-be-named over email sometime?

  4. Dagny Says:

    u r right on target child, carry on!

    does my post "i hate" seem realistic now?

  5. Renovatio Says:

    Sooner you start living for yourself, the sooner things start lining up for ol' Ira :P

  6. monkeyda Says:

    tunu man ... i din't know u smoked .... still not sure so iask ... do you smoke or smoke up or both?