God loves playing games with my life! I keep trying to tell him, I've known enough of creeps for a life time. He always seems to differ. Each time I find him over enthusiastic about letting a particularly nasty one on me!
Sigh! Maybe I
really DO have a lot to learn.

Tune> I want to break free - Queen

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8 Responses
  1. Sandhya Says:

    This is Life Ira.....

    anyways, u have been tagged....

  2. ash89 Says:

    whoa! thts da story of my life as well.

  3. ash89 Says:

    btw wht exactly is goooyi yukh

  4. Dagny Says:

    I agree.

    Though i'm not sure i'll learn anytime in the foreseeable future.

  5. ira Says:

    gooyi yukh? not good basically! :p

  6. Confucious Says:

    God has an awkward sense of humor sometimes...*sigh*

  7. sundeep Says:

    I believe God Gives each one of us Free Will.We are the only one responsible for our misery.If not then we are no better than machines.

  8. The Thief Says:

    Whoa. Creeps like creepy nastly little dirty men, who ruin you mind, or creeps like creepy incidents? Either way, Im pretty sure the option is always there for you to choose who you want things to be played out.