Updates: Anant got through University of California at Irvine and he plans to go there(most probably) :D Man, this feels like heaven! Looks like someone out there either wants us to fight our heads off or he really wants us to finally be close to each other after 5years of being in a long distance relationship!! His place is 47miles from mine! :D Cant stop smiling!

Can't stop day dreaming either!!

Have finalized on an apartment with two other girls. I dint plan this but they are both keralites!! (they belong to a state in India, Kerela. I belong to the same place, although not completely. My mum's a Rajasthani!). Its so strange how these co-incidences happen with me! My best friend in Junior High was a mallu(slang for keralites),Freya! My best friend in high school was a mallu, Aparna! My best friend in college is a Mallu, Sunaina! and now these two, Asilia and Anee!!

One thing in common amongst all these people are that they're very unlike typical orthodox Mallu's and are the very opposite of what you'd normally expect them to be! Which is what I'm like..So, gels well! :)
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  1. Dagny Says:

    That is awesome! Irvine! California! USC! too good to be true! congratulations to both of u!`
    n u can reply to calls and e-mails,you know ;-)

  2. Sandi Says:

    It all sounds very exciting. AND you'll be close to Disneyland! Have a wonderful transition to your new life.

  3. ira Says:

    yey! :D

    dagny> you know i'm so guilty about not replying to your mails and messages. I would write back a hurried mail and then think how unfair I was being and I DO want to write decent mails, but my exams are on and I have loads of work regarding this admission thingy. I promise I'll call you on 16th(thats when exams get over). I even drafted a mail telling you all this but it looked like a bunch of excuses so I thought I'll just call ya on 16th and tell you everything.
    I'm so sorry sweetheart! So So sorry!
    You were one of the first ppl I mailed regarding my admits. I promise.
    Even these posts are just work of five mins! sach mein! Sorry!
    Love you!! :) and thanks! :)

  4. neo Says:

    Sahi ha… Mallu ke alawa bhi is duniya mein log hotein ha…Bloody malllus..national integration !!! Hrd tha wrd !! Waise I hate mallus now … every weeknd I calup sunu n shes reslishin beef !! Yuk !

    Didn’t no anants finaly decidd to join … and tha he wil be in ur proximity …
    Bad me, I desrved to share this new didn’t I

  5. ira Says:

    neo>Hey you!!! dare you say anything about mallus! I'll tell me chhota jallad dad! :D
    Arrey, I dont eat beef. And logically if you think, chicken, mutton and beef are all the same. You're killing an animal to eat it. You think cow is religious because you have been told so. Kissi country mein goat religious hogi? ya chicken...phir?!

    And arrey baba...! Dint you read the most probably in round brackets next to where I've mentioned that anant plans to go to UC Irvine?!

  6. MonkeyDA Says:

    cheers ...

  7. sundeep Says:

    When you make a mallu a friend , he/she will treat you as family.
    Finally ,everything is going right for you.I am so happy for you.A word of advice "Please don't fight with Anant in US".

  8. ira Says:

    Oh! but we dint know we both were mallu untill we hit it off and got talking!!!
    HE FIGHTS!!!

  9. ira Says:

    He came a year later and we ended up falling in love with each other again! :)