• My friends move on after I leave? They get closer to each other cause they'll be around each other and when I finally do meet them after a year or something, I'm like a stranger to them?
  • Anant can see no good reason to wait for the year till he joins me or god forbid he doesn't join me at all? Then we'll be away for like five years cause I gotta work there after I graduate?
  • My parents forget the feel of me and get more attached to my brother and his wife (they get married in Nov)?
  • My dog ages too fast in these two years? Doesn't feel attached to me anymore when I get back? I feel like I'm betraying him by leaving him during the most significant years of his life. Dogs tend to age very fast during this age. He's nine years old, his father had died when he was 12! :(
  • My room is all re-arranged when I get back and I'll be put in the guest room for the little time that I do come home during vacations?
  • I am not cut out for the program that I'm going for? What if I think I love the course but actually I totally suck at it? I end up being a complete loser?
  • I get freaked out once I get there?
  • I finally do live the life I've been craving for only to know I don't like it so much? And, now there's nothing I can do about it cause, there's no looking back!
  • Like everyone keeping telling me, I do like it better there and I'm too blind to see what all I'd left behind for it?
  • My room mates hate me?
  • I don't make good friends there and I end up being very lonely?
Oh! Sometimes I wish I'd just chuck the whole MS business and stay home look after my parents and work here...! b/w I just got my VISA! yey! :) I've been getting the weirdest of nightmares, where all the worst fears of my innermost soul are displayed ruthlessly!! :( :(

What if? What if? What if? ! !
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  1. ash89 Says:

    WHAT IF nothing of this sort happens and everything is just perfect?? Stop being so negative. Everything is gonna be great! Dont worry! :)

  2. Dagny Says:

    Sweet girl, u say you have nightmares showing ur worst fears. So it means u r done with them. GO ON! Even Murphy's Law wala Murphy couldn't have so many things going wrong at the same time :D

    Don't worry :)

  3. Sandi Says:

    What if you make new, awesome friends, fall in love, discover that the program is PERFECT for you, become so attached to the area and your new friends that you don't want to go back home?

    Life is so unpredictable - that's usually what makes it so much fun. It's natural to be apprehensive about such a big move, but my guess is that things are going to be very positive. So be open to it!

  4. NRkey Menon Says:

    The comments above have kinda left me nothing to say in a way...all I can say is that its an amazing feeling going away from that sphere of comfort that we are so accustomed to and discovering new things that we wont have thought of experiencing.

  5. sundeep Says:

    Only you can make The "IF" possible.If you think about it all the time ,you can manifest it in real life.STOP Being negative as Ash said, Be positive .Think of good things in your life and be thankful to God.I am sure the nightmares will go away.

  6. alex paul k Says:

    well a good but pessimistic post,yhough u finally do have something 2 get cheered up

    there shub NO if's and but's in life

    good post neway

  7. What if...reminds me of creed!

    Anyways I agree with all these guys..I can smell a lot of negativity in here. It will be so easy for me to lie to you. But I dont think you need it. Life is just going to be the same. Exactly same. Maybe a touch worse. But the day you realize this it will be a new day. The meal youll have will be the best youve had ever. The way you will feel will be something like youve never felt before!


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I bet you could add a lot to that list.Have you seen Batman Begins?If not,do watch it on my recommendation. You will find few of your answers.Or if you are an avid reader, get hold of "Its not about the bike" by Lance armstrong and read it.You will get ALL your answers.Pleasure to have dropped in.
    Blogrolling you,

  9. ira Says:

    You all were right! :) Everything worked out perfectly!