I finally got time to read all the pending posts on my google reader account. I haven't had time to post comments though! :(
I'm doing great! Went to Beverly Hills! n the beach, its beautiful! We plan to go to San Diego during the long weekend in September beginning :)
Work starts beginning of next week. Did I mention I get free food n Booze with it!? :D
Thats it for now.. I'll be more regular with posting n commenting both..(I hope!)
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6 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    I'm so happy that things are going well for you. Look forward to hearing more!

  2. sundeep Says:

    Great to see you adapt so well in US.
    Happy independence Day..................................................

  3. NRkey Menon Says:

    Did the clock just turn back to the 70's???

  4. Dagny Says:

    "Did the clock just turn back to the 70's???"


  5. CM-Chap Says:

    Hey.. Seems you guys are rocking in US. Gr8.

    I did ask you in Gtalk whether you reached US, but no reply.. bad. So which part of US you are in?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Gr8 to hear you...
    I also went to a beach one day in Chennai but there were lots of crabs...n was not able to put my bare foot on the sand...