Onamasamsagal! :)
May god bless you with the best of everything.
*Onamasamsagal means Happy Onam in Malayalam
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7 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    Such beautiful photos. And the food looks REALLY good! Hope all is well.

  2. Dagny Says:

    Happy Onam :)
    Post more often :P

  3. NRkey Menon Says:

    Happy onam!!!

    Missed the onam sadya this time.

  4. sundeep Says:

    Onam means great Food.When u r eating from a leaf its really tastes good.....

  5. Bhadra Nair Says:

    Sorry to intrude!But couldnt help correcting this..Its Onashamsagal!
    Nice Work here :)
    belated happy Onam

  6. ira Says:

    Bhadra Nair> Thanks, that nudge made me check and what do you know, it is Thiruonam Aashamsakal. Which one can write as Onam Aashamsakal.
    Being low on Malayalam, I wrote it the way I pronounce it.
    Thanks though!
    and wish u the same!

  7. ira Says:

    While speaking out, one tends to concatenate the phrases..and eat the "m" from Onam.