I realized I blog when I am sad/depressed etc.. Here's a happy post.
I finally got an intern at Lucasfilms, Frisco!!! :) I'd been trying since the past four months and finally god blessed me with this. I'll be interning from May mid till August end!! and I get to meet Sandi..! :) Should be good fun.. esp since this break is so so welcome!
I'm quite excited about it and am really really looking forward to it..Started working on campus after 3 months of living in complete kadki (misery). I work at the department of psychiatry which is at the other campus so it takes me about a half hour to get there but its a beautiful drive.
 I've found solace in solidarity, found a secret hide out in my campus where nobody else hangs out and you can just sit/lay there for hours together looking into the sky, smoking a cigarette. Its beautiful. I've started walking again. Had forgotten how effective it used to be for releasing stress. Usually go fountain hopping within my campus.
I just met a professor who's bought a lab cum St. Bernard puppy! I forced him into taking my number and calling me for walking the dog and baby sitting it. He's too cute! They call him Donaldo! :)
I miss writing and reading all your posts. I wish I could find more time for that.
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11 Responses
  1. Dumb Eagle Says:

    whoa! Lucasfilms... that sure sounds exciting. way to go!! :D

  2. Sandi Says:

    I'm excited about you coming up here! And my daughter is totally jealous that you'll be working at Lucasfilms.

  3. Dagny Says:

    I'm so glad to read all that :) Stay happy!
    And i couldn't see the images :( fix them please.

  4. ira Says:

    dagny> its a song by Alanis Morissette, "One hand in my pocket", not a pic.

  5. Anjul Sahu Says:

    Yeah, Happy Post after a so long time. But what is lucasfilms about?

  6. Renovatio Says:

    So what's the other hand doing? Good to know you'll be using it a lot more constructively than I've been using either one of mine recently :p

  7. CM-Chap Says:

    Congratz for your intern.

  8. sundeep Says:

    Be in the HAPPY MOOD always!!

  9. ira Says:

    :) thanks
    Well.. the other one finally found time for myself!! and so many things I'd been missing out on! :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    when can we expect a new post?

  11. ira Says:

    Anonymous> I just read the comment you left me 5 months back. I feel ashamed for not writing. I know I should and have started several entries but someone I feel I don't do them enough justice and end up not posting it here.
    Thanks for being my opener and the answer to your question is: 'Right now!'