This is my first car and my pride! I bought her during my last semester in school and took wonderful care of her; we named her 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. This was the car I toured my parents around in when they visited me for my convocation. This was the car we drove when we first lived as a couple together. This was the car in which I experienced my first automatic car-wash! :) 

I met with an accident a day before my birthday; looking back I am glad that we're both safe but the car got completely wrecked. :( Today, around lunch time I received an email from the insurance company telling me that they would tow her away tomorrow morning because the damage was irreparable. This changed my illusion about me! I couldn't stop the tears that started flowing as it dawned on me that I would no longer be able to drive her! I realised that this was very silly and also realised that this was 'me'!

Try as I may, I can not help but get attached with things/people/places around me, especially the ones I care about. I can not help but make them an intricate part of my life and try and do justice to my relationships with them. I cherish all my memories from the past, they are after all the threads of my life's charming velvet. I love and I care and at times, I cry. I hate letting go, but understand that sometimes you have to. That does not make me weak, it makes me real. I've spent years of my life learning to be indifferent to things around me so they could never hurt me. But with each passing chapter, I learnt that they are what make my life true and meaningful.

I loved you very dearly Chitty, you shall always be my favorite car and never be forgotten. :)
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  1. Sjmach Says:

    Sometimes letting go is hard, but with time we tend to forget!!