I have been unfair to my blog and have loads to fill in. My life is about to take a whole 180° flip! I shall start by picking up a few months before where I last left, i.e. April 7, 2009 (I'll skip the April 19 post cause it was more of a nostalgic/emotional outburst!). Stay with me as its been (my life) no less than a roller coaster! This shall be a series of posts since I don't want the best two years of my life to be summarized in a 1000 words!

I came to USC in Fall'08 and 4months into my masters, I was doing terribly at school. Fortunately, even though I landed up with 2B's and a C+, I was not ready to give up yet. I was subconsciously afraid that masters was the wrong choice for me.

A decision taken in my late teens because my then boy friend was planning to come to the US and I loved him way too much to stay continents apart from him! I found out how the decision was never wrong but the reason behind it was! God taught me this by somehow having me land up in the US and Anant staying back in India! The cliché that 'God has his ways' couldn't have fit better in a situation and my belief that 'Everything happens for a reason' got stronger than ever before!

So, I did horribly in my first semester and desperately needed a plan to get myself back in the race or I'd be out for good. I also lost my job that was essential for my living. Thankfully, I am good with saving and did without it (my job) for months with only a little struggle. IAt the worst of it I worked as a waitress for 18 hours and learned to truly respect labor. Looking back, those 3 months were the best time of my masters as I made good friends and we lived through misery together
 One of our low budget excursions at Malibu Beach
The magical plan that I came up was to find a good internship cause that was the only thing that would overshadow my grades and make me a good contender for the race (I keep calling it a race cause believe me, it is a race!). I dedicated myself to finding an internship and by god's grace I found the perfect internship as a SysOps Intern with Lucasfilm!

This was the point where the trinkets in the box of my life started settling, falling into place and it was just the beginning!

This internship proved to be my silver lining, I had the best summer of my life! I was alone in one of the loveliest cities of the world and I fell in love, :) ....with myself!! I learned to enjoy my company, I learned that I was very good at what I did and that grades are over rated!  I learned to maintain relationships, I learned I was a good team member, I learned to make the most of each day! Most importantly, I learned to learn! I was in love with my life and myself! This new ira who is so independent and pleasant and in control was completely new to me!! I was able to pay my own tuition for the first time in my life!!! :)
The 'Clement Crew' 
(We called ourselves that cause we lived on Clement Street!)

I lived in a beautiful ancient Victorian home with four amazing room mates! It was about a 20mins walk from the beach, the Presidio National Park and the Golden Gate Bridge! I made the most of each and every one of the 13 weekends that summer. I would spend morning till night just site seeing/shopping by myself. Something I'd never done before; something that would be this much fun, I was unaware of!
My last night at 17, Clement Street.
My LA room mate's visit to San Francisco
When I came back to school, I was a whole new person! I was more confident, independent and stronger. I had a purpose in life and I was in love with myself! I keep saying that cause I now realize how important that is. Anant was going to join me in Fall'09 and life was going to change. I was unsure how things would change; I knew they definitely would and as always, I was absolutely  unprepared for it.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome, I am so glad you have started writing again! :)
    keep it up............

  2. Sandi Says:

    Glad your blog is back! And I love the new format. Looking forward to the next installment and to having you over for dinner sometime soon!

  3. Sjmach Says:

    Well back IRA!! Thanks again.

  4. ash89 Says:

    welcome back! :)

  5. Shweta Says:

    Yaaay! :)

    I am soo happy for you! :)

  6. Grisbo Says:

    As I went through the first para, I had a few tears in my eyes.. I dont know if it was because I was happy to read that familiar way of writing that I loved so much, or it was because of the words " best two years of my life " made me feel happy for you..

    Love the way you write.. Love the way you always choose the right pictures to go along with the text.. And you so perfectly stitch it all together.. Your life sure is a rollercoaster.. I hope to be a part of it right through..

    Welcome back to writing Ira.. Love you loads..

  7. ira Says:

    SG and A> Thanks for making me start again! :)I would love to see you write as well!! (think about it)

  8. Unspoken Says:

    You did not write again Mrinal. It was good to read about your growing up, though you were always beyond your years. I hope the learning continues.