"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like you do when nobody's watching."

Training is on, almost towards the end. People who were important for so long and then drifted away due to scaling of priorities have mysteriously come back into life. While those who were there to shelter through the tough phases have now become strangers! Life sure is a roller coaster ride. Whoever said that, was making perfect sense.

Staying at home these days since hostel seems to create a suffocating feeling in self. The room that I loved and wrote about passionately seems to give me the feeling like I was trapped in a tower. I guess everybody does need a change.

Have started preparations for the graduate record examination. So far parents are being supportive, but gradually have begun to see the doubts in their eyes. I'm gona give it my best shot no doubt.

Finally got internet connection at home, it has got a decent speed as well. (not as good as hostel though!) using my brother's old desktop since mine is in the hostel and he plans to buy a notebook. Was goin through the files when I came across this graffitti he had scribbled at the bottom of one of them. Love you Nakul, and I miss you so.. Woke up to a message he'd sent, though I dint get head or tail of what he was saying, it felt good! :)
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