Exams got over on the 1st.But,BVP doesn't give much of breathing time.Training started on the 4th."VLSI"(veri large scale integration).

With so much going on and with anant in town I barely had time for myself and obviously for new posts.

Well, training's still on but anant's left(miss you so much baby!!!) Feels like its been ages since I stayed home.Nop, I dont compramise on time with family because of him but ever since my grandparents shifted base,weekends are spent at their place which is precisely the time when come home!(stole one weekend to bake!which happened to be anant's last weekend in town,the shame and guilt account5ed to peaks and I decided to do what the poor guy had been asking for since the past whole year! yes,I know guys, will be baking for you very soon..guess the reverse psychology thing did work!!)

Anyways,got home on friday after a gruelling week of classes,lab,saying bye * sniff * and two bloody exams that completely sucked!!

finally got time to go for a swim [I love water! COMPLETELY! even when I'm out on an evenin, You offer me a drink and I'd happily settle for a glass full of ice and water!!! lol! * tempted * since hostel room has this little cooler that lately hasn't been running properly and with beads of sweat trickling down my back right now...that sounds like heaven!]

I'd been put into the pool at the mere age of one n a half!! (beleive it or not) with arm floats and a tube around my mid (which is the mid when ur body is just a feet tall????!!!) my brother swimming close by keeping a close watch and yet not making it too obvious lest I'd lose confidence..(he was 5!!mum dad trusted him with the little baby's life?????*sighs in deferance *)

So,I was going for a swim (I keep strayin!), on my way anant called,I parked the car aside to speak with him.Exchange of greetings and then first question asked, "Kitnon ko udaya??" ("How many did you knock off??") anyways,I took it in good humour and moved on,was supposed to pick pa from office on my way so he'df practice golf while I swam. reached his office, and first question asked, "Kya hua?,thok diya kissi ko??" ("what happened?, knocked off someone/something?") gawd!!!

Conclusion: I am a good driver.
Searched for more similarities in both the comments I received, apart from the "knocking off" part and..yup,got it "MEN!!!" * rolling of eyes *
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2 Responses
  1. Rajat Says:

    Uhmm.. Uhmmm... u certainly are a "good" driver!!!

  2. ira Says:

    Offer for that long drive is still open. Try to trust me atleast once! My car,now what do u say?Deal?