She cries out loud, shouts to her throat's might. Because no one can hear and no one seems to care. The weird shrilly noise aggravates into loud weeping marked with acerbity and tears start flowing. The night is so cold,almost chilly. The tear drops burning against her cheeks. She starts weeping uncontrollably. What had seemed to be anger had turned into immense sadness and was flowing out.

She suddenly felt weak. Her legs gave up on her and she fell on her knees. It hurt, but the pain felt good. She sat down, on the terrace floor. Her new best friend since the past few weeks. Sitting required too much energy. She lied down, not caring.

Her face resting on the ground. The tears mixed with the dust, sodding her face.Slowly she convinced herself into stop crying. Breathing heavily against the rough ground,she shifted a bit,bruising her face. She took deep long breaths. Then, not knowing what triggered it,she burst into tears once again. She had an exam the next day, end semister. Not even half way through with her aimed syllabus (completing it was out of the question).

She had to get up. She just had to pull herself together. She tried standing up, just in vain. Realising that baby steps was what she'd have to take. She sat down again. Pulled her knees close to her body, hugging them as tightly as she could. Resting her head on them. Weeping softly. She felt helpless. She would not let this happen. She looked at her watch, which was a blurr cause her tears blinded her vision. It was two in the morning. She sighed deeply, wiping her tears off her face and looked into the dark night for what felt like a lifetime.
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2 Responses
  1. ashi Says:

    I dont know who she is...but then do tk care of her!

  2. ira Says:

    I always try.