The summer is finally out. Feels so good to be back into my torn pair of shorts and tee's!!! Its beautiful. The day is longer, prettier. The early sunset used to make me feel gloomy.. It drizzled in the morning.. The grass still gleaming with raindrops..

I feel good... I feel good!!

I was out,lingering around the stairs. She walked upto me and said, "The marks won't go you know". I snapped back my hands close to my body as a reflex. How could I have forgotten? How could I be so stupid? * eyebrows curling up immediately * I looked down,at my toes and replied "How do you know? " * very uncomfortable and reluctant to make this conversation * Then she showed, there they were . Looked familiar. Felt sick.

We've been living together since the past two years, and I had no clue that she'd gone through such a phase when all doors were closed for her. When she had no one who could help her. That drove her to those measures of insanity. I felt ashamed. Then I noticed her looking around, probably thinking the same.

I realised I deplored the sickening impulsive decision, I'd taken that night. I wanted to tell her the same. But could not even look into her eyes straight. You feel like its the end of the world but its not. I have to be more sensible, stronger,less sensitive. I held her hand and took a deep breath,feeling her relaxing as well. Felt like puppets being made to enact two versions of the same play! I promised never to do it. Made her do the same. * glad this happened *
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  1. DU Says:

    av read dis a few times n cldnt quite get it..i guess wld b nice to talk abt it sometime..if u dont mind.. have read the latest entry as well .. though very well written, i was just wondering when was the last happy entry.. turns out i have to go back to nov '06..quite a while eh? Seems u're not fair to yr blog..leanin on it only when u're low?? :) we're all the same, down there, arent we?

  2. ira Says:

    I guess, we could talk about it.Though it would be kinda uncomfortable.
    You tend to be more expressive when you're emotional (happy or sad). Usually while happy, people just relish the moment and let it pass by.
    I agree, I should write more about good times as well. Then again, writing while sad helps unwind.
    I will try and be more just! But then the very next post is a happy one! *questioning look*

  3. ira Says:
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  4. ira Says:
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  5. Anant Says:

    I'll kill u if u ever do that again

  6. ira Says:

    I promise not to.

  7. Monkey Says:

    everything alright??