When I am bad, "I" handle myself the best.

I find bliss in my solitude.

Nobody but "I" seems to understand me.

I enjoy my own company the most.

I find myself talking more and more to myself.

I laugh when I am hurt.

A shoulder to cry on?
I prefer resting my burdens on my own knees,
wiping my tears against my own arms.

I have learnt to tell myself that there will be a brighter tomorrow.

I think I am getting more accustomed to the "real world".
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9 Responses
  1. ashbans Says:

    we are there for u always!

  2. MonkeyDa Says:

    Quotations of cult writers musing after reaching the bottom of the bottle of boredom-and-precious-moments called whiskey...

    "Life's a joke... play it on other ppl" - Anonymous d**khead

    "Man has to live with his own rules or with the rules of others... but there is no way of telling the basic difference between happiness and 'happiness'..." -Anonymous smarta**

    "Life and Death are two sides of the same Heaven... wherever you end up, it'll always be greener on the other side..." -Anonymous dumb roasted chicken leg eater

    "Aim small in life... it'll have large and random effects... so is the law of nature... law of chaos" -Drunk Disillusioned Businessman

    wat say macha??

  3. ira Says:

    loL!guess I'm trying to reach some place I myself am not sure of!

  4. ira Says:

    What is life?

  5. du Says:

    I guess its coz we get just one chance.. n thats all we have so most of us do tend to try n make the best of it.. 95% of ppl try while the remaining actually succeed.. and fame or goldmines dont really count.. i dont kno then what does :p, but its something else, they all say!!

  6. Anand Says:

    what is life??? Very BIG question .... no one has found an answer yet!!! :-D Why do v wanna b d best? thts coz its normal human tendency ... survival of the fittest ... v wanna b tops alwez! n thers nothin wrong in tryin 2 b! n v dont "get lost" ... v choose a path n try to make the best outta it. ultimately its nt the path tht matters ... its how satisfied v r aftr v walk dwn it! as for the goldmines...v al need a lil pat on da back sumtimes ... dnt v? :-)

  7. ira Says:

    DU> Dont you think we(95%) get lost striving for the mines. Cause we have just one chance, while we could actually make the best of it by other means?
    Whatever, guess it'd be solved when we realise what actually matters. Could be different for different people.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hey!don't really remember how i got to ur blog....but have to say i'm so glad i got to it....its been an amazin feeling to read ur posts...not just this one but most of them...makes u feel like ur not the only one who finds urself weird n that ur not the only one who loves solitude...keep up the good work...tc!

  9. ira Says:

    Why dont you leave me your blog address?