Lord Ganesha, adorned with five earthen lamps (diyas).

Entrance of the house, lit up with diyas.

Another angle.

From the front.

Festival of lights. The house is decorated with diyas and the doors and windows are left open in goddess Lakshmi's (goddess of wealth, light, wisdom, the lotus flower and fortune, and secondarily of luck ) welcome.

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  1. Sandi Says:

    I lived in an apartment complex for awhile and many of the tenants were from India. So I remember this holiday and how wonderful all the lights were around their balconies and doors. Not to mention the incredible food smells coming from their homes.

    Love the new photo on your profile.

  2. sundeep Says:

    Happy Diwali ........

    Cool Photos...

  3. ira Says:

    sandy> Oh! its not so good(all the food and sweets!) when you're struggling to shred a few pounds before your brother's engagement!!
    Thanks! :)

    sandeep> Happy Diwali!! :)
    how'd you celebrate?
    I love the pic of ganeshji,with the diyas. I'v had it since I was in the 7th grade!

  4. ira Says:

    sandeep> not the pic, the diya!

  5. nprp Says:

    Nice pics. Ira......could u plzz tell me the name and model no. of ur camera.

  6. uj Says:

    Oye, diwali gayi..its almost Christmas..nething inbetween?? and temme what you make outta my last entry..c'mon u're smart enough to decipher this..there are tons of clues..

    ps : last 2 practs left, externs frm 10th..teri gaadi ka kya haal hai??

  7. ira Says:

    uj>I have a draft crafted about my accident. M not sure if I should post it...

    nprp> sony cyber shot. 3.2 Mega Pixels. The newer models are better and cheaper.

  8. sundeep Says:

    You should always wear a seatbelt.
    Please Remember that for heaven's sake........

  9. ira Says:

    I was wearing a belt, thats why I'm alive!