My body has developed its own immunity against soporific drugs. I have not been sleeping well lately and last night I just could not bear it so I took pills at about quarter to nine in the night. I was elated when I felt drowsy by about half past nine. So, I happily packed off to bed! Now the immunity I've developed cant stop me from feeling drowsy but it sends a weird sensation across my arms and limbs which makes it practically impossible for me to fall asleep. Its like an allergic reaction or something.

I fell into this weird state where I knew I was awake but kept getting nightmares, which incidentally felt very real! I just kept twirling in bed till about one when I finally sat up and massaged my legs cause they were aching in a funny way! I spent the next three and a half hours trying to get back to sleep cause now the effect of the drug had worn out so, I stopped getting that icky feeling in my arms and limbs. I just kept twirling in bed, clutching my pillow, covering myself with my sheet and then uncovering myself , turned over, lay on my back, on my left side, then right side, on my stomach, covered my face with my pillow, held onto my teddy bear. BUT NO SLEEP. At about four thirty, I heard my father walking around in the house, he goes for playing golf in the morning. He came and sat next to me as I pretended to sleep and then he kissed my forehead. I had to garner all the strength in my soul to stop myself from crying and to continue pretending to sleep.

Now I sit here writing as I can hear birds chirping and the dawn breaking outside my window.

I hate not being able to sleep. :(
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11 Responses
  1. ash89 Says:

    i cn understand. I cant sleep either. I've even stopped trying now. I only go to bed at 4am now. NO point trying before that

  2. Sandi Says:

    Try red wine - works wonders and is safer (if you don't drive).

  3. ira Says:

    red wine?

  4. Sandhya Says:

    Listen to soft music while sleeping.

    I think it will work.

  5. Anjul Sahu Says:

    here's the solution to insomnia
    Brainwave :D
    Try this, A brainwave generator. http://www.bwgen.com/index.htm

  6. sundeep Says:

    Relax ,It happens to all of us.Maybe you are thinking of something too much.


    Try to play some outdoor game that will make you feel tired.Maybe football,cricket.Wait... you can try Badminton.

    If you sleep in the afternoon ,try skipping it .So that you can sleep well at night.

    If you think more of the problem ,it will bug you more.So Just Relax......Listen some cool songs ,hang out with your friends.PLEASE STAY COOL!!!

  7. ira Says:

    Soft music does not help me sleep, but its a nice companion! :)

    I do go out for walks and all in the evening, not too regularly though. Will be more regular! I take pills only as a last resort. Weird part is, sleeping during the day is NOT at all related to my lack of sleep at night! Thanks for all the advice though! :)

    Brain wave??? YES YES...! :p

  8. CM-Chap Says:

    Hey Dear... Figure it out the root cause and get rid of it.

    On the brighter side... Its nice to feel the warmth of the parents this way

  9. Anonymous Says:

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  10. ira Says:

    ch-chap> I tried waking up real early one day(0545 am), dint sleep during the day and yet I could not get sleep the next night till about 4am!!! :O

    Neo> STOP publicizing your site!!!
    I think its a nice platform to share ones feelings, thoughts and experiences. Atleast there is SOME place where I feel absolutely comfortable expressing myself. :)

  11. NRkey Menon Says:

    With my vacations currently going on I've grown to be pretty nocturnal, one of the reasons being that the net is free from 2 in the night to 8 morning, the other one - insomnia.

    Tossing,turning,counting a billion sheep,tossing again,staring at the ceiling are probably standard procedure. Although then I do drop dead in the morning till my parents come up with convincing threats. :)