I can be really unreasonable at times, things that do not consern me take up my mind and can bother me endlessly. Keep eating me up from inside and 'me' the wonderer,cant help but give food to these thoughts. Let them peturb me. Something similar happened two months back.

The reason I shall not discuss, but it was something that kept botherin me. Somehow I feel that it was linked to me, which maybe it is but persay. I could do without bothering about it. I'd really like to learn to deal with such situations. Maybe I have, but not learnt to deal with them but to live with them. I'v learnt to myself and not let them bother me so much..

But there are times, I cant let them not affect me. I get restless, uncomfortable. I know I could try talking to someone,but what do I say? and should I say? Am I being stupid and overreacting? Oh! God, whatever the solution, give it to me. Atleast I'd be peaceful for once in a long time. It just keeps nagging and nagging and nagging. (fucking things just dont stop suckin at my blood. ) Life sucks! Waiting for the lines from my forehead to vanish,atleast for now I'd be releived.
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2 Responses
  1. Prateek Shah Says:

    Its really strange to not see any one comment on this post.. Reason being this is the exact same thing many of us go through every once in a while.. The Frustration simply comes out so badly in this post, that u get to feel what the author must have felt while she penned/typed this down..

    Towards the very end, there is but a small sigh of relief, which seems to come from the fine art of Blogging one's thoughts out, and saving a friend or two some lamenting :)

  2. ira Says:

    I used to blog at blog-city (which by the way decided to go the paid way!) so this post has been posted from there.

    I'm glad to hear that you understand. It is just one of those very weird times when you dont understand things yourself, how would someone else??