1. Animals (I was mother to a sparrow,turtle,cat n a dog..all at the same time a few years back (they have been returned to their natural surroundings) all free to roam in the house! )

2. A perfect house (nice n tidy,pleasant) with cozy rooms.

3. Cooking (find it very very relaxing, love it. Especially to cook for Nakul, paa and Anant. )

4. Swimming (used to swim 50 laps a day durin the summers. Now I cant seem to find the time. But would love to go whenever possible)

5. Spending time with cousins ( Pa was in airforce. Even though we kept shifting from one town to another they were always there. Made it a point to meet them during vaccations )

6. Psudoku! (cant finish my day without doing atleast one. Actually won a competition once! )

7. Music (anything that would relax my nerves)

8. Reading(usually read myself to sleep, unless I am going through one of those insomniac phases.)

9. Walking barefoot on dew covered green grass.

10. Spending time on the Tla (mound) at night. (this hangout place in our college! college looks beautiful at night!)

11. Actually Tla whenever!

16. Spending time on the chhajja of my balcony. On the hostel terrace. Late at night. Or maybe on the water tank.

17. Talkin to myself! (*duh..?*)

18. Riding a bike!

19. Driving

20. My room (at home and in hostel)

21. Cleanliness, I am a complete freak.

22. Jogging in the rain


1. Politics (anywhere)

2. Untruthfull people (they become repulsive to me)

3. Rude, boistrous people who scoff at others.

4. Dirty feet! (even if I am dead tired,ready to drop and there is dirt on my foot, the freak would go wash it!)

5. Losing/misplacing things (it upsets me no end)

6. Dirty lenin.

7. Being idle. (I'd go insane, would rather clean my cupboard!)

8. Smugdy spectacles (this is a family problem, my sister cant bere it either)

9. Comparing siblings! *tsk tsk*

10. Dirtying streets, any public places or property and people who do it.

11. Particularly spitting on the road . *gross*

12. Arguments with my parents.
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