I need to make some serious changes with myself. These few things are the the building blocks of 'me', my character, and they seem to be suckin out the happiness of my life.

I blame it all to my mother, ever since I've become able to understand spoken language and speak myself,she'd tell us that things had a proper reason behind them.( she's a science teacher). She completely forbade us from beleiving things like, 'a black cat crossin ur path is unlucky' (what about those who own black cats?). We were allowed to question anything that did not seem to satisfy our brains ( that had started working on the science of reasoning). We'd analyse every situation,every instruction everything said to us (not scrutinize for mistakes, but be satisfied that what had been said, made sense. ), in every aspect. (thus, ruining my life) My parents encouraged this. (as long as I did not cross my limits. Which I scarcely do.)

Unless I get proper explanations behind anything, I cant seem to accept them. (unless its ten minutes before the exam and Anchit begs me, "pl ratt le..!!" (just mug it) lol! ) If there is somethin bothering me, then I cant breath easy till the time its sorted out completely in my head. Till then, it keeps nagging at me.

People say I've stopped talking lately (no shrey, I havn't I just screen more finely before talking) I try to explain things to myself. (as far as possible ) I am not a dreamer but a thinker.

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