What is life? Why do people want to be the best?


1. DU left...
Friday, 7 April 2006 3:25 am
I guess its coz we get just one chance.. n thats all we have so most of us do tend to try n make the best of it.. 95% of ppl try while the remaining actually succeed.. and fame or goldmines dont really count.. i dont kno then what does :p, but its something else, they all say!!

2. ira left...
Friday, 7 April 2006 2:20 pm
ahaan...dont u think we(95%) get lost strivingfor the mines..coz we have just one chance...while we could actually make the best of it...by other means???whateva...guess it'd be solved ven we realise what actually matters...cud be diff. for diff ppl..but yeah...guess dats it..

3. Anand left...
Friday, 7 April 2006 9:02 pm
what is life??? Very BIG question .... no one has found an answer yet!!! :-D Why do v wanna b d best? thts coz its normal human tendency ... survival of the fittest ... v wanna b tops alwez! n thers nothin wrong in tryin 2 b! n v dont "get lost" ... v choose a path n try to make the best outta it. ultimately its nt the path tht matters ... its how satisfied v r aftr v walk dwn it! as for the goldmines...v al need a lil pat on da back sumtimes ... dnt v? :-)
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