Finally my new room is ready and I love it!

Thats my father's tummy sticking out in the second pic! :)
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  1. barty Says:

    Haha congratulations! Looks great! I move into a new apartment in 2 weeks, I will post some pics then too... but yours looks WAY better than mine will; I even am sharing a room. But that has its advantages as well... its cheaper for sure!
    My room back home in Mumbai looks very similar... blue everywhere. I wish I had a bean bag though, I love those things - my room is just crammed with books and computer junk.

  2. Sam Says:

    Wow! You have a big bed :)

  3. Sandi Says:

    Very cool-looking bed. Enjoy your new room.

  4. Urjit Says:

    Theres snooples!! your constant companion ;) how hav u been? and your earlier post didnt hit as hard as it wld to others...but its difficult to swallow, you doing something that drastic and STUPID .. ab aur dukhi na ban..being happy is the in thing ma'am..get you smile back...yes, the one u've hid under yr bed..

  5. sundeep Says:

    Your new room is great.........

    But I like the yellow dog even more.

  6. ira Says:

    barty> Thats why Home is Home!

    sundeep> lol! The yellow dog is snooples!

    sandi> thanks! :)

    urjit> .....

  7. sundeep Says:

    Hey Ira I made a new blog about myself.
    Check it out if you hve time..........


  8. sundeep Says:

    Ok , snooples is cool.
    But I wonder why that table is located in
    such a place?

  9. Sam Says:

    Oooo...I like your new background image! :)

  10. ira Says:

    I dint want a conventional bed with side tables on the sides. I think it looks cool!

    sa,> Thanks! The other image was not continuous the breaks kept nagging me.