Had a long long day! Mum is out of town and suddenly everyone seems to be aware that there is another twenty one year old lady in the house who should be able to manage things. I now know that its not easy for my mother to handle a home and her work as efficiently as she does! I did a sloppy job of being pseudo mommy for the first of four (I sense its going to seem longer) days!

The curd was too sour
The dog was not given food on time
There are no fruits for tomorrow
The kitchen is all dirty
House is messy
Water bottles(for keeping in the fridge) not filled
No dry towels in the bathroom

I am dead tired and ready to drop. Somehow finished writing blood sucking project report and I'm going to be out. Lets see how I fair tomorrow.

Arghhh... I feel pukish. Hope I'm not gonna be ill!

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10 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    Being a mom and the "woman of the house" can be tough. But I found that once I was in that role for awhile, I didn't even hear anyone's complaints anymore! I figured they were lucky I did what I did!

  2. sundeep Says:

    Moms are the integral part of any family.When they are away you have to
    do all the household chores.There is no two things about it.

  3. sundeep Says:

    Hey Ira just relax , first it will be difficult but later all will fall into place.

  4. ira Says:

    I know I'll appriciate my mother's job better once she's back from her holiday!

    Moms are sure an integral part of the family. Home doesn't seem the same without her, even though we know that she's out for just a week!!

  5. barty Says:

    You haven't posted in quite a while now - I am assuming you are busy with college now, what with being a 4th year student and all that. Hows it going?

  6. ira Says:

    Busy! BLAH!!! I just cant find anything to write. I tried many times but would never be able to satisfactorily end it...so i'd just discard it.. I'm not good at picking an incomplete post and completing it!!
    you tell me..whats up??

  7. barty Says:

    Ah, I'm busy as hell; getting like 30 hours of sleep in a week. I got a job on campus, and I have my normal class load plus a damned lab which is due every week, and takes nearly 20 hour to complete each one. I sleep in class these days :P. BUT on the brighter side, I am enjoying all my classes - particularly this photography class I am taking... wonderfully relaxing to just take pictures of random things.

    BTW I agree on the not being able to work on incomplete posts thing, I can't do it either.

    So how is everything else with you? Enjoying your new room and the yellow doggy with it?

  8. ira Says:

    I like photography too! But, dont have the knack for it! :D I love cooking though!! find it very relaxing..! or maybe reading book.. Hey!! its ok..even keeping busy this way has its own charm I'm sure!!

  9. Dagny Says:

    u know, this is the first post of yours that i ever read. :)

  10. ira Says:

    I am so glad you found me!! :D