Somehow New Year's Eve holds a very special place in my heart. I like spending it with my family and with Anant. As luck should have it we've never been together on this night ever since our first year together.i.e Welcome 2004.

2005: His sister wanted to be in town(Delhi, where we all live) so he opted to stay back in Indore(where his college is) to get both of them registered for their New Semester in College.

2006: We were both in town but since it would've been the last year that they(his family) spent with his sister (since she was going for her Grad abroad and then would probably be married), it was up to her to decide where she wanted to celebrate. Somehow it was only on the 31st that she decided where to go. By then my parents had made other plans, so we couldn't make it together.

2007: He was in town till the 16th, but left for college. He spent New Years with his friends with me on the phone all grumpy about not having him with me!

2008: He's out at Goa partying with his friends and I've pledged not to be grumpy again. Though I feel awful for not having him here with me. Almost in tears..Well, I'll be a good girl and not ruin things for him at least..

So, here's wishing all of you a fabulous year ahead...! Hope it rocks and all your worries from the past vanish with the clock striking twelve tonight! :)

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6 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. Anjul Sahu Says:

    Oops... Hard Luck again...neways be optimistic for the next new yr eve.

    Happy New Year!! have fun! :)

  3. sundeep Says:

    Happy New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dagny Says:

    hmmm is goa that appealing?

  5. ira Says:

    His last year with college friends, I think I understand!
    We're planning to meet this month..lets see

  6. mrinalini Says:

    Dear namesake,
    firstly a very happy new year to you. i have't been around but i think now i'll come back. been away to long. i'm flattered that you actually went through whatever i've written. thank you so much. will take the liberty of commenting on your writing when i go through it thoroughly.