Anant and I are really amazing friends. We'd easily qualify for bossom pals. Had we known each other that long it'd have been no different! Just more memories to reminise.

I can share my mind with him. Anything, just anything! He'd come a 100 miles just to give me company cause I can't concentrate and study alone. And when he comes, I wont study anyways! But w-t-f? I'd wake him up at 3 in the morn, cause I cant sleep n am getting bored! No, he's not my pet, he wont sit upright to talk to me. But yeah,he'd manage anyways. We study over the phone, fight, gossip! Nop not him, I'm the one who goes on blabbering. We bitch about ppl, for the heck of it? We fight, big time! We'd yell at each other,abuse,hit..! I specialise in nail digging fights! pheww, its amazing! Then we'd hug and get things straight and I'd wipe my nose on his shirt! *yukh!* lol! Dont look at me like that, he never ever carries a hanky! His fault (pt. to note dude!). We always look back at those times, and dont really regret them happening, After all, for how long can u be goodie two shoes kinda friends? Nothing can beat the kinda fun we have!
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