Valentine's day. I do not know what it is but I am happy, really happy. There is a smile stuck onto my face, that wont go. I am alone on this day, but I'm all dressed up, in red and white! Just looking good for the one I love! Who stays hundreds of miles away from me. But I'd have done it, had I been there with him. Every day could be valentine's day when you're together. Its just about realising the importance of each other. Cherishing each moment.

Life is beautiful! Just doesn't reveal it that easily, its for you to realise. Not by trying to find, but like,looking at this stranger's face, staring at it for some time, and then realising how pretty it is! why dint you realise it in the first go?Its not the face that changed, but you looked at it differently. At first glance you were looking for beauty that'd ooz out, wont that have grown in on you? This looks pleasant, and you'd remember it forever!
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