Magestic, isn't he? oozes out power, royalty!
I was around eight, we'd gone for a picnic. I rode a horse, for the first time in my life *as far as my memory goes* and asked the owner of the horse how much he'd sell it for. He told me a certain amount and I started insisting on having it for a pet! On being refused to, I made an ugly grumpy face and refused to speak to my family for the rest of the trip.*yeah,I was dum*. From then on, I have big plansof living in a farm,with lots of animals. Horses, rabbits, ducks, swans, dogs, birds, cows.. The list could go on for ever! Wow! I'd be in heaven ...live amongst them like the family in "Summer at Country Side" by Enid Blyton. Can we sweetheart?
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