Memories I Shall Always Cherish :)

1989: Our family house was being made and every one had a say in it. All of us have a special corner in the house. The nursery for the kids, a well in the backyard, coconut,papaya,mango trees in the porch, a peaceful pooja in the basement for ammaji *grandmother* and an office for acha *grand father*.
A living area which would cradle memories for the next many generations to come! I still remember the little hill that needed to be broken down for the house to be built on.

1991-2000: From the upper kinderguarden till the 9th I was a nerd. Stood first in every grade. I loved it, and after that, I'll just say, I did not!

1993: I started learnin kathak from Mrs. Shobhana Narayan. I was the youngest dancer performing professionally in her troop.
1997: I got my first pet! My own dog! We named him 'Tuff'.
1998: I took part in my first debate and stood first. This was the beginning of my public speaking endeavor.

1999: I got 'Tuff', a handsome golden retriever who is now almost eight years old! (I lost my first pet when he was 9 months old)
2000: We shifted to New Delhi. I love this city! For, I have my whole family here, I met my best friends and Anant here.
2003: (November,18) Anant asked me out, its been four years of us sharing each moment of our lives.
2004: (June,1) A special day.
2005: (October,4) The best birthday ever!
(November,2) A special day.
2007: I told my parents about Anant, they took it wonderfully.
We met Aparna, my to be sister-in-law.
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