I am 21 years old. Here's about the people in my life.

Papa: He is undoubtedly the ideal man for me. He has been more a friend than a parent for us. I do not think there is anybody with whom I can share my mind as easily. He is my weakness, he is my world.

Mumma: She is the sweetest, simplest being on this earth. She is still a kid from within. As I grow up, I realise I am becoming a clearer reflection of her! I do not think I have fought more with anybody else on this earth.

Nakul: (my brother) He is four years elder to me. Until a few years back, our relationship was strictly that of an elder brother with his younger sister. Lately, I can see the age line fading and us becoming better friends.

Tuff: (my dog) My best adopted brat! :)

Anant: My boyfriend, my best friend, my anchor, my mind, my mentor. We have been together since the past four years. *touchwood*

Uttara: My younger sister whom I love a lot and I am very possessive about .

Chhavi, Nitika, Nishith, Shitij and Monu bhaiya: Cousins from my mother's side of the family who have been my best friends for ever since I remember.

Namrata: My best friend from school. She is my life support system.

Aparna: My foster sister! I am her life support system! *hehe*

Gunjan, Sandeep and Shrey: My best friends from college.

Sunaina, Megha and Tanvi didi: My seniors whom I am very attached with. We have had a lot of fun together! Life in hostel wouldn't have been the same without them.
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  1. anjul Says:

    Dear, ur blog is interesting... u r clear n transparent in your thoughts.. best of luck...

  2. ira Says:

    Thanks Anjul! :)