Training is coming to an end. College starts next week. I have decided to leave the hostel, so the next year is going to be about a lot of travelling, applying for jobs and staying at home of course! Maybe applying to universities as well. The house is almost complete too (it was being renovated). Chosing what colour to do the walls being the frequent topic of discussion at home!

I have to focus on preparing for the campus placements.

Next few weeks are going to be highlighted with a lot of change!
Feeling at peace.
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5 Responses
  1. Sandi Says:

    Sounds like an exciting time coming up. I'm sure at times it will be stressful, but also adventurous. Enjoy it!

  2. ira Says:

    Thanks sandi, I hope I manage fine! :)

  3. Prateek Shah Says:

    Good to know that u r gonna keep urself occupied for some time to come.. Keep working and Stay Focussed :)

  4. Sam Says:

    Hey good luck with all that! It seems like something new and fun. :)

  5. ira Says:

    Thanks prteek, I will be bothering you a lot as campus approaches, you know it dont you?

    Thanks sam! :)