1. Wake up in the morning with my dog sitting next to me, staring at me, waiting for me to wake up!

2. Too sleepy to get up, I turn on the television to find out that all offices will be closed for the day!

3. Step into my old forgotten pair of jeans to find money crumpled in the pocket!

4. After a bad day at work, on my way home I turn on the radio and my favorite number just started!

5. Waking up to a beautiful morning, drizzling outside and my sweetheart lying next to me!

6. I over slept! Oh! No, its sunday! I can sleep another few hours!

7. My best friend turns up out of the blue!

8. Reach home after a long day to find my parents singing, giggling having a good time!

9. Just when I am irritated/sad/tensed and on the verge of cracking up, I get a call from my sweetheart.

10. A nice cup of coffee!

11. Last day to submit that blessed assignment and the professor hasn't turned up!

12. The preparation leave for exams just got mysteriously extended!

13. Tuning through radio stations and an old friend requested a song for me!

14. That SOB polititian had to resign!

15. Rain

16. Falling alseep in Anant's arms, while he runs his fingers through my hair, my cheek!

17. Being looked after selflessly by someone I cherish, when I'm ill.

18. Going out on vacations with Anant.

19. Long drives.(at night!)

20. Train journeys!

So, what are your Instant Cheer-Ups?


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6 Responses
  1. Sam Says:

    Talking to friends, either on the phone or on-line. ;)

  2. ira Says:

    Yeah, that would be good!
    You dint check out my favorites that I posted in my previous post.

  3. Sandi Says:

    Those all sound really wonderful. I love waking up thinking I have to go to work and the remember it's a weekend! But my biggest "cheer up" is being able to spend time with my kids. They always make me feel happier.

  4. ira Says:

    sandi> hey!!! missed you! Guess I'll be able to understand that better when I have my own. So far the closest I have come to having my own kid is my pet dog! Yeah, he's an instant cheer up for me! :D

  5. uj Says:

    here are a few everyday ICUs from me :) hmmm i like dat term..icu :D

    1. Getting a glass of water chilled exactly to your liking on a hot summer afternoon.

    2. Watching a stranger's face light up when you help out e1 wid da slightest of things.

    3. The similar smiles that spread across the faces on the arrival, after you've been waiting for the one you love.

    4. When he/she agrees to put off wats to be done to a later date/time only to be able to spend more time wid you.

    5. Appreciation of the hard work you've put in, irrespective of the results.

  6. ira Says:

    All seem to be wonderful! Yes, hard work being appreciated sure feels good!