I dont care what you think.

I dont care how you feel.

I dont care do I?

Hurt, very hurt. Having to hear all that from someone you hope would care hurts.
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9 Responses
  1. Urjit Says:

    Anything here that you wanted to talk about? I'm sorry i wasnt around, sis here n mom isnt so been a bit hectic last cpl of days..you do kno all da places u can reach me..take care!

  2. ira Says:

    naa.. best I fend for myself.

  3. barty Says:

    Despite what you replied to my last comment, the romantic in you seems subdued, to say the least. Understand that this is the part of you that not only feels "romance" but also that part of you that allows you to love and be close to others; friends, family, and the occasional stranger that cares. That comment of yours above this makes my point.

    I am sorry that life has taken you through a path that seems to have been marred with despair. I hope things get better. Take care, and have some fun.
    Have an extra Frappuccino the next time you are at a Barista for me.

  4. ira Says:

    ag> Oh! It'll just keep growing if I talked to someone. Best I just council myself and saved everyone the trouble!

    barty> Will have that Frappuccino, I promise!
    I am not cold, if that is what I sound like. I just dont warm that easily anymore!

    *makes me sound like a steamer!! lol! :) *
    (Is this the mocca lover, I am thinking it is?)

  5. AG Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! But how di u know my b'day????

  6. barty Says:

    Ah well, I am glad I was mistaken then.
    In regards to the 'mocca lover': I do not know exactly what you are talking about here - a generic mocca (Mocha?) lover, or someone in particular... if it be the latter, then I am not indeed the person you are thinking of. I have never been to Delhi (sadly) and it does not appear I will any time in the near future. I only came across your page while going through some other blogs. Sorry to disappoint.

    On another note - what type of engineering are you studying (if you don't mind my asking - I am studying Electrical Engineering)? If you feel its a breach of privacy or something, please do not feel obliged to answer, and I apologize in advance.

  7. The Sadhu Says:

    tunu call me or you are half-dead ... ....

  8. ira Says:

    AG> I remembered.

    Barty> I thought, you were someone I knew who is a mocca (or mocha) lover. Well, I'm doing electronics and communications and thats hardly breach of privacy!
    No dissappointments! Just more curiosity!!
    Well, I reckon you blog too, so why dont you leave your blog address?

    The Sadhu> How about using real names!! Now I'll have to call all of you who fit "the sadhu" image!! lol!

  9. barty Says:

    In regards to my blog: I only started it last week, after reading a few friends' blogs, and I hit "Next Blog" a couple of times in the Blogger Bar and thats how I came upon yours. I am now using my Blogger identity, so you ought to be able to get to mine.