Green lush lawn with one of its edges walking into a natural lake. This beauty encompassed by a walking track made by simply covering it with red sand. Little flower beds at abstract locations and absurd shapes giving it a very natural and yet a very well kept look. Earthen seats (never seen those before!) made for people to rest on and a small hut in the center for the caretaker who is by the way very particular about keeping the place just the way he pleases. Which by the look of it is pretty much perfect.

I go there only after dark, it just adds to the magic! At that hour, I have it completely to myself. I take my dog along with me since the comfort of sharing silence comes naturally with him. Walk along the track with my thoughts flowing unrestrictedly across my mind. It feels great to be able to hear my own thoughts, to think aloud. With tuff running around me excitedly. Occassionally I stop to play with him and then get on with my walking. He just fools around near by taking care not to lose site of me at any point. I let him run around freely.

Suddenly I hear him run towards me as he decided to walk next to me for a while. We take a few rounds together and then he pushes off on his quest for exploring all nooks and crannies. I plug in my ipod and listen to all my favorite tracks. Keeping it low so I can hear the noises around me as well.

Got back home all drenched in sweat, looking very happy and satisfied.

How do you like spending time alone?
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7 Responses
  1. uj Says:

    Used to love having my 'own' time..had wonderful places as well..but these days i'm too restless and fear being alone.. i guess perhaps a case of 'too much together' on the 'being alone' side of life :) but i sure can understand the inductive effect of the ambiance and timing as well as the ryte mix of things to take u into the introspective mood :)

  2. ira Says:

    How about trying to get over the fear and getting out there? There is so much to see!
    Your bike ride was pretty eventful though! Want to do that once!

  3. Sam Says:

    "Drenched in Sweat" Go take a shower! LOL

    Since I'm alone most of the time, I like the time when I run around the block at night. It's very quiet except for that one dog that seems to bark just as I turn the corner.

  4. ira Says:

    loL! Shut up! :)

    I love walking in the night too. Something mesemerising out there in the dark, the moonlight just adds to the whole drama! :)

  5. Sandi Says:

    My life tends to be so hectic that my favorite alone time is to be alone in my house with a good book.

  6. AG Says:

    Man ... u reminded me of my campus! We had this beautiful lake surrounded by forests! Was just great to be there at nite! :)

  7. ira Says:

    One of the few things that get embossed in your memory for life. An experience unmatched. The peace, inexplicable.